Your Beauty
& Care,

It's more than just makeup..

It's a bigger smile, and a louder laugh when you put on that special lipstick.

It's a deeper expression and a twinkle in your eye because of your eyeshadow colour.

Makeup is art that offers self-expression; reflect a mood or highlight an admired feature to give you confidence.

Celebrate your Custom Beauty!

Elevate Your Sense of Personal Beauty

Inside and Out

About Me

From a young age, I always knew I was going to be in the esthetic industry. Not only does it embrace artistry and is led by science, but it’s also an opportunity to nurture people. To create an experience that leaves them feeling cared for, listened too, and renewed; all the while celebrating their beauty, building their confidence, and addressing their beauty concerns.


Explore Your Custom Beauty

Start appreciating yourself & your unique features.

Care, class, and skill you will notice!

The Studio

Custom Beauty by Shannon is a spacious home spa that gives you have a relaxing spa oasis all to yourself. It has a private side entrance, personal studio washroom, and a triple wide driveway to make sure your visit is professional and convenient.

What to Expect

  • Skilled service using quality products

  • attentive, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere

  • Separate side entrance and personal studio washroom

  • Strict sanitation and protective protocols followed

  • All individuals are welcome, this is a safe place

Experience the difference of Custom Beauty.

Spa Services

Experience the difference of Custom Beauty

Please call or text (519) 505-7608.




Sanitation Practices

At Custom Beauty by Shannon, you can be confident knowing that you are in an easily controlled environment. Along with my aesthetic sanitation practices, I am committed to following all the necessary guidelines for COVID-19. These include:

  • Sanitizing the door, stair railing, and washroom after every client

  • Wearing a mask and, in some instances, a face shield

  • Having an extended period between appointments